Take control over your documents
  • Reducing costs
  • In accordance with statutory regulations
  • The highest level of security and protection of stored documents
  • Standardized system of acquiring, management, storage and archiving


Digitization of business documents is a modern form of archiving your business documents, does not take up storage space in the physical sense, and does not require complicated manual search through the archives looking for a particular document.
Since most of the business continues to create documentation in paper form, the first step to increase business efficiency and faster flow of information in modern business is digitizing (scanning) of business documents.

Scanning documents is performed with most sophisticated devices (scanners) with superior technological capabilities. You can scan all sizes of business documents, black & white or color, simplex or duplex, in all major formats such as JPG, TIFF, PDF. After the electronic indexing, the original business documentation returns to the client in its original condition. Digitized business documents is archived in the appropriate media (CD, DVD). Also, we want to inform you about the ability to scan very large amounts of business documents as quickly as possible, at affordable prices in our region.

The main advantages of bringing in electronic archiving into your business are:

  • quick and easy access to information from the archives
  • lower operating costs
  • reduction of archival space

We are ready to offer a free scaning example of business documents for prospective clients of our company, so we could ensure that the future clients can see all the benefits that digitization process brings, as well as top quality services of our company.